About Us - iYuho Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning
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About Us

About iYuho Team


iYuho is a fintech team from Malaysia, focusing on writing intelligent stock trading systems to provide industrial services and management for major companies in the financial industry. With the rapid development of science and technology, we believe that artificial intelligence will make decisions in the financial field through “data + computing power + algorithms + scenarios” and promote the development of smart finance. We are aware that this is an inevitable development trend. Blockchain has promoted the emergence of new business models with its security, reliability, and non-tamperability. Our team grasps this century-old opportunity and is committed to using innovative blockchain financial technology. Create an open, interactive, peer-to-peer, and win-win comprehensive financial service platform

About iYuho Artificial Intelligence (AI)


It is a process in which a computer simulates a trader’s ordering operation to perform machine trading; the computer executes a trading order according to a pre-edited trading strategy program. The automated trading strategy mainly includes three elements: order execution, risk management, and fund management. For more information, please download the pdf file.